Sport Aerobics

This competition category involves both choreography and skills varying in difficulty performed as a single, pair, trio or team. Skills involved in this section cover flexibility, strength, jumps and dynamic elements.

Fitness TeamS

This competition category involves a high intensity routine, demonstrating cardiovascular endurance, balance and co-ordination performed in conjunction with continuous movement patterns. These teams range from 5 – 10 members.

Skill Development & Fitness Sessions

Designed for developing athletes’ strength, flexibility and ability to perform the dynamic movements required for their routines. These sessions will also work to build and progress an athlete’s cardiovascular fitness for routine performance and overall fitness. Skill Development and Fitness sessions are compulsory for all competition athletes that perform a routine with skills. This session is optional, but encouraged, for athletes competing in fitness teams.

Recreational Sessions

Tailored towards athletes who are new to aerobics or those that do not wish to compete in the 2020 season. This class is open to athletes aged 5+ and focuses on an introduction to the basics of sport aerobics. Recreational sessions will develop gross motor skills and coordination for any sport and provide athletes a way to build and improve their fitness.